About Me

Sometime after finishing a molecular biology PhD, moving to New York City to do a post-doctoral fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and having a very real-world experience doing Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs, I  had a computer desktop filled with folders and sub-folders of science research publications, articles, and interviews I found interesting and had accumulated during my years as a scientist. Doing laboratory research, trying out an entirely new career that meant learning a whole new financial language, while still keeping up with the laundry and having food in the fridge , I hardly had any time to substantially keep up with fast-moving science research and discoveries. That’s when I realized what I really loved—reading scientific research, talking to the scientists doing the work, and communicating their stories to the public.

I cover health, cancer, genomics, science policy, biotechnology, climate change and other topics. You can find my articles and podcasts on CancerNetwork, the online website of the journal ONCOLOGYNature Medicine, The Scientistthe Journal of the National Cancer InstituteLivescienceOncLive, and Princeton Alumni Weekly.


Please feel free to contact me for feature writing, news articles, and other projects, I am happy to discuss:

EMAIL: aazvolin@gmail.com

TWITTER: @annaazvolinsky

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